The interests and activities of the NE Forum reflect a particularly strong research interest in eighteenth-century and Romantic studies held by academics and postgraduate students working in the region.

If you wish to be listed as a member please send your name, details of any affiliation and a picture (not mandatory!) to David Stewart ( )

List of current members (2017-18)

Academic staff members

me passport size   Dr. Katie Aske (Université Bretagne Occidentale, France)

DSCF7140-2012    Prof. Pamela Clemit (Queen Mary, University of London)

ChrisDonaldson    Dr. Christopher Donaldson (Lancaster)

462px-William_Blake_by_Thomas_Phillips    Dr. David Fallon (Roehampton)

mpicture    Prof. Matthew Grenby (Newcastle)

Claudine_VH    Dr. Claudine van Hensbergen (Northumbria)

alaningram    Prof. Allan Ingram (Northumbria)

clark_lawlor    Prof. Clark Lawlor (Northumbria)

newbon    Dr. Pete Newbon (Northumbria)

Dr. Eliza O’Brien (Newcastle)

anita3    Dr. Anita O’Connell (Northumbria)

Dr. Helen O’Connell (Durham)

mepicture    Dr. Meiko O’Halloran (Newcastle)

384688_10100496720784729_1028621855_n    Dr. Jennifer Orr (Newcastle)

Dr. Tawny Paul (Northumbria)

picture    Dr. Michael Rossington (Newcastle)

stuartsim    Prof. Stuart Sim (Northumbria)

GillianSkinner_Staff_Profile    Dr. Gillian Skinner (Durham)

HelenStark    Dr. Helen Stark (Newcastle)

davidstewart    Dr. David Stewart (Northumbria)

s200_dr_leanne_stokoe    Dr. Leanne Stokoe (Newcastle)

rterry09v6    Prof. Richard Terry (Northumbria)

Dr. Beatrice Turner (Newcastle)

lwd    Dr. Leigh Wetherall-Dickson (Northumbria)

helen_williams_news    Dr. Helen Williams (Northumbria)


Postgraduate members

Rosie Bailey (Newcastle)

Carissa Bussard (Durham)

AshleighResized    Ashleigh Blackwood (Northumbria)

Leanne Cane (Northumbria)

Oliver Clarkson (Durham)

Joanne ClementJoanne Clement (Newcastle)

Callum Fraser (Newcastle)

John Hemy (Northumbria)

Anna_Hope    Anna Hope (Northumbria)

Jonathan Kewley (Durham University)

Yimon Lo Yimon Lo (Durham University)

Danielle McDonnell (Northumbria)

Jon Quayle (Newcastle)

Lyndsey Skinner (Northumbria)

sharon-tai Sharon Tai (Durham)


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